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The Making Of An Ordinary Spaceman ™

May 28, 2021

Endeavoring to become a United States Astronaut is perhaps one of the most difficult undertakings a human being can pursue.
Join Clayton Anderson, also known as “Astro Clay,” as he takes you behind the curtain with uniquely entertaining –oftentimes humorous and sometimes deeply emotional—interviews illustrating exactly how he –The Ordinary SpacemanTM— came to be.
If you are the type of person who yearns to discover more about who and what influences someone to become an astronaut, or perhaps aspires to one day reach the stars, this is the podcast for you.  Each episode includes incredible insight into the people inherently responsible with the upbringing of a small-town boy who, against all odds, achieved his boyhood dream to become a 15-year astronaut, living and working in outer space for 167 days.


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